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Orchard Park Little Loop Football

OPLLF Mission: To create, develop and maintain the highest quality youth football and cheerleading sports program in Western New York.  Our program will focus on teaching and developing fundamental football skills as well as promoting and assisting in building essential qualities in our young people.

What's included:

OPLLF will provide helmets, chin straps, shoulder pads, game and practice pants, game jerseys, belts, maroon game socks (these must be worn for all games), hip, knee and thigh pads.  You get to keep the game jerseys and socks.  In return, you must bring a check or money order (no cash accepted) for $50 payable to OPLLF Inc. which is a refundable equipment deposit returned to you at the end of the season, assuming you return all of the League issued equipment other than game jerseys and socks. 
Players must separately provide the following:  large size water bottle, cleats, colored mouth guard with strap to attach to helmet (per League Rules – must have it attached to face mask), girdle with cup and a practice jersey (if played last or in prior years, players can use old game jerseys; for new kids, we may have some spare practice jerseys available, but you may need to purchase one if we don't have the proper size).  
Finally, a Dick’s coupon for 20% off is typically sent out for a Saturday in mid to late July.  So, if you want to save money on any of the above, you may want to wait for that coupon day.
Cheerleaders are given a warm up suit, bow and socks to keep. A uniform is given out but is collected at the end of the season. Sneakers are typically $35 but do not need to be purchased until  October prior to competition.